New title, new year and new fundraising push!

And so a New Year is here.  2012 has arrived and after a bit of a break, we are straight back into the film with renewed enthusiasm and focus!

Firstly, after much discussion, we’ve decided to change the title of the film.  To reflect the multi-faceted life of Franz Stampfl, the new title is “Franz Stampfl: A Life Unexpected (The Man Behind The Miracle Mile)”.  You’ll see this change roll out over the website over the coming weeks and we are really excited at how this change of title has also brought about a change of energy!

A new logo for the film is being designed and will be unveiled sometime in February – it’s all happening!

We are also in the midst of our next Fundraising stage – raising the next lot of money to begin filming in Australia.  After the successful trip to England, Ireland and Austria in November last year, the ball is fully rolling on production and we intend to be filming the next lot of interviews with people such as John Landy, Ralph Doubell and others in the coming months.

Of course, when we film entirely depends on how much money we have raised, so if you’d like to be a part of history and help support this important documentary project, then head over to our Donations Page to find out how you can help!

‘Till next update – hope everyone had a fabulous New Year!

Cheers for now …

Sally McLean

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