Team Spotlight: Director of Photography, Tim Egan

A Life Unexpected DOP, Tim Egan, setting up on a grey morning for one of our Oxford, UK shoots
A Life Unexpected DOP, Tim Egan, setting up on a grey morning for one of our Oxford, UK shoots

Our next Team Spotlight falls on our intrepid Director of Photography, the creative and multi-talented Tim Egan.

Graduate of the Victorian Collage of the Arts with a Bachelor in Film &TV, Tim is an Australian-based film production professional (although we can attest that he will  travel!) who wears several caps principally Director, Cinematographer and Offline & Online Editor.

Some of his credits to date as Cinematographer (or DOP – or DP for our international readers) include Snowgum Films’ Blood On The Game Dice (Best Fantasy Film & Best in Show – MISCON International Short Film Festival, Best Film (Comics, Anime or Gaming) – PHOENIX Comicon Film Festival), which features Spartacus’ Liam McIntyre in a full suit of armour, including helmet riding a winged bicycle (click here to see the full film – warning: there are some gory special effects), Trollbridge – an official adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novella of the same name, Mia’Kate Russel’s Death By Muff, Thom Holland’s The Score and the mockumentary Why Must The Show Go On? for Incognita Enterprises and Cinema Viscera.

To get a taste of Tim’s work behind a camera, here is one of the teasers from Trollbridge (scheduled to be released later this year), shot in New Zealand.  Side note: all those aerial shots weren’t done by go-pro – they were all shot by Tim hanging out the side of a helicopter! We think you’ll agree, it’s stunning work …

Tim additionally served as Director and Cinematographer for the ABC six-part series The Bazura Project (ABC2) and the recently completed short film Curve (which he also wrote).

Tim also has a long list of credits working in advertising and corporate video work working under his own business name – Tim Egan Productions. He has also shot music videos for Melbourne bands Empra and Dear Stalker, while doing editing and post production on clips from Kate Vigo, Junior Jr and Claire Bowditch.

We are delighted to have Tim on the team – not only is he able to handle working brilliantly under pressure in every situation we throw at him, but he also delivers truly stunning work that ensures A Life Unexpected definitely stands up to be counted on the international stage.

We’ll leave you with the action-packed opening title sequence for The Bazura Project, directed and shot by Tim.  It’s a series about film, so see how many references you can spot!  Enjoy!

‘Till next time …

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