Team Spotlight: Gaffer, Saraj Alkemade

A Life Unexpected Gaffer, Saraj Alkemade, coffee in hand and lights ready to go at one of our Oxford shoot days
A Life Unexpected Gaffer, Saraj Alkemade, coffee in hand at one of our Oxford shoot days

After a break of a couple of weeks, we are back on the Team Spotlight trail – this time with the attention fully falling on our multi-skilled and all-round brilliant Gaffer, Saraj Alkemade.

Saraj began her career in film and television as a Sound Recordist, working on numerous projects including films Take, Dirty Laundry, Goldilocked, Election 2007: Countdown to a Letdown, Undead Ted, The Morning After, Interchange, Why Must The Show Go On? and Locked UP as well as the iconic ABC2 TV series The Bazura Project.

2010 saw Sarah move into working as a member of the lighting team, often working with A Life Unexpected’s Cinematographer, Tim Egan – taking on the roles of Third Electrician and Assistant Camera, moving quickly onto the role of Gaffer. Film & TV projects lit by Saraj include: Why Must The Show Go On?, Goodbye Hello, Blood on the Game Dice, The Bazura Project, Payload and A Life Unexpected: The Man Behind The Miracle Mile.

Saraj has additionally worked behind the camera as a Camera Operator, and her credits in this role include the film Prosopagnosia and the music video for Dom Italiano’s Never Going Back (which she also edited).

We’ve included that full music video clip below, as we think it’s a fantastic example of Saraj’s talent and taste – and it was a massive challenge to shoot and cut – as the whole thing runs backwards.  Watch it to see what we mean …

In recent times the film world has lost Saraj to another of her great loves – Science – as she embarks on her second year of a science degree at Monash University.  She still manages to fit in the odd film gig around her studies, and we take our hats off to her for being so talented at not just one, but two technically and creatively challenging careers!

We are so grateful to have Saraj as part of our team – not only fantastic at what she does on set, but also a joy to work with and hang out with in-between filming.  We know that this documentary would not be at the standard it is without Saraj (and Tim’s) involvement and the A Life Unexpected Producers say a very public and heartfelt “Thank you!” to both of them!

We’ll leave you with the trailer from Why Must The Show Go On? – just because it’s a bit of fun, but also because it’s one of the films for which Saraj did both lighting and sound. Enjoy.

‘Till next time …

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