A Life Unexpected Director, Sally McLean, interviewed on BBC Radio 3

Roger Bannister crosses the finish line at the Iffley Road Track, Oxford on May 6, 1954 – the first man to run a sub-four minute mile – coached by Franz Stampfl

In honour of the 60th Anniversary of the breaking of the Four Minute Mile, “A Life Unexpected” Director, Sally McLean, was interviewed live from ABC Radio Studios, Southbank, by Dr Matthew Sweet for BBC Radio 3’s “Free Thinking” program on May 6, along with one of our interviewees, Ulick O’Connor, pre-recorded from Dublin.

Sally truly enjoyed chatting with Matthew about Franz Stampfl’s coaching of Roger Bannister and his involvement with the breaking of the Four Minute Mile, with the added bonus of being interviewed from a studio that carries the name of a fictional time-travelling machine.  Strange but true, the ABC Southbank Studios in Melbourne have named their remote interview suites “Tardis Booths”, complete with a cardboard cut-out of the front of the iconic blue box at the entrance and an intercom that plays a short grab from the Dr Who television series featuring John Barrowman as “Captain Jack Harkness” and David Tennant as “The Doctor”.

ABC Radio Southbank’s Tardis Booth entrance – complete with intercom greeting from David Tennant as “Dr Who” and John Barrowman as “Captain Jack Harkness”

Being a major Dr Who fan, Sally was rather tickled at the synergy of speaking to the BBC from a Tardis about an event that took place 60 years ago to the day.  Sadly, the Tardis she was in, however, wasn’t bigger on the inside, nor did it have a swimming pool.

To hear Sally’s interview, click on the player below:

To hear the full program, visit the BBC Radio 3 website here.

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