Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet’s wartime Athletics Coach

Queen Elizabeths School Magazine Cover from the 1940's (Photo courtesy of Queen Elizabeths School, Barnet)
Queen Elizabeth’s School Magazine Cover from the 1940’s (Photo courtesy of Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet)

In our search for Franz Stampfl’s full story, we have come across many people and organizations around the world who have discovered a connection to this extraordinary man, not least of which is Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet UK, where Franz was a Sports Master in the lead up to and outbreak of WWII.

Through research requests via Benjamin Sawtell and A Life Unexpected Co-Producer, Margaret Woodlock-McLean on our behalf, the school was delighted to discover their connection to Franz after searching the archive materials they have available from his short time there, which they duly made available to us.

Subsequently they have published an article on their website about this discovered connection, acknowledging A Life Unexpected and Benjamin and Margaret’s requests that led to this discovery.

An interesting fact that has come to light was gleaned from this brief mention in the School’s magazine in August 1940: “The war treats individuals still more harshly than institutions. Three masters have been forced to leave the school for a while: Mr Buttery to study the secrets of army signals, Mr Wall to serve the RAF with his science, and Mr Stampfl to suffer the tragic inertia of internment.”

Thank you to Queen Elizabeth’s School for their help with our research and for mentioning us in their tale of connection to one of the darker aspects of wartime Britain and to one of the greatest coaches of the 20th Century.

To read their article, click here.

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