PRESS COVERAGE: Lee Zachariah Article (Australia)

Below is a scan of an article by Australian writer, TV host and radio presenter, Lee Zachariah about the documentary and our current donation drive.

Lee Zachariah’s Very Own Web Page Article (Australia)
Lee Zachariah’s Very Own Web Page Article (Australia)

Lee Zachariah writes regularly for various magazines and newspapers, including Vice, Junkee, The Guardian, The Age, Inside Film (IF Magazine), Encore, B&T Magazine, Empire, FilmInk, The Big Issue and many others, as well as (for his sins) writing for The Chaser and being the on air host for ABC’s The Bazura Project and the independent podcast Hell is for Hyphenates.  There may be a bit of bias in this article, as (little known fact) Lee was 1st Assistant Director on Sally’s last comedy film Why Must The Show Go On?, which she Executive Produced and played one of the lead onscreen roles.  We’re glad to know that it can’t have been THAT bad an experience, as Lee is still obviously happy to support us.  But seriously, Lee has been a great supporter of this project and we are very grateful for his ongoing (and public) encouragement

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