Robert Lewis Galinsky (Executive Producer)


Bobby GalinskyRobert Lewis Galinsky was born in Iowa in the United States.  After studying at the University of Colorado (Boulder), he continued his journey West to the bright lights of Los Angeles to pursue his passion for the motion picture industry.

This produced successful stints at DDB Advertising and Touchstone Pictures (Walt Disney Company). Galinsky also went on to win several prestigious Screenwriting awards as an amateur, before turning professional in 1989, rewriting a number of successful Hollywood film scripts.

Galinsky was then mentored by Academy Award™ nominee and multi-Emmy Award™ nominee Lawrence Heath (Writer/Producer for Mission: Impossible (Original TV series), Dynasty, Murder She Wrote). At that time he was one of only 40 students nationwide selected for the Truby Black Belt Program (the most prestigious screenwriting academy in the world) headed up by writing guru John Truby.

In the early 90’s Bobby created America’s Least Wanted, one of first ‘reality-based’ TV concepts and penned Easy Pickins’, a modern day pirate fantasy for Feder/Segal productions (Michael Feder/Steven Segal).

In 1994 Robert came to Australia after creating a Walt Disney© Consumer Products licensing program that was to be the most successful franchise/licensing arrangement in Australia for three (3) years running. It was during this time that it became apparent to Galinsky that he could travel no further Westward without venturing back towards his roots in Iowa, and he therefore laid down stakes in “Oz” for good.

Galinsky’s close proximity to the world of consumer products and mainstream cinema has given him an innate knowledge of what drives successful film, television and ancillary income streams. Until 2004, Bobby worked with a number of producers in Australia, specializing in “script doctoring” and helping to make their projects commercially viable.

In 2005 Galinsky became a partner with Elizabeth Howatt-Jackman’s Top Cat Media, with a manifesto to produce high quality commercial feature films and television at a fraction of the cost of comparable ‘Hollywood’ projects. Their first joint project, Prey starring Jesse Johnson (son of Miami Vice’s Don Johnson) and singer/actress Natalie Bassingthwaighte was an extremely controversial but successful project in the teen ‘candy horror’ film genre that managed to secure several key foreign markets, and launched the company internationally. The cleverly designed marketing program bypassed traditional and costly theatrical releases that plague small films with a series of commercially sponsored ‘event premieres’ in Australia and the USA which brought the film to a DVD and VOD/PPV (Video On Demand / Pay Per View) release.

In 2006, in partnership with Top Cat Media, Bobby adapted the iconic novel Dust and Glory to screenplay. In 2008 the story, pitched by Galinsky, won the Holding-Redlich “Best Project” pitch at the Screen Producers Association of Australia Convention (SPAA) and resulted in the feature film project being unveiled at Cannes Film Festival later the next year. Currently the $40m project, produced in conjunction with Australian and “A list” US-based partners, is slated for production in 2013, with Hollywood superstar director Simon West (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Con Air, The Expendables 2) to helm the pic.

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