Saraj Alkemade (Gaffer)

SarajAlkemadeWith a decade’s experience in the film and television industry, Saraj Alkemade began her career in the Sound department, working on films such as The Silence, Interchange, Push Up, Dirty Laundry, Goldilocked, Undead Ted and TV projects including The Bazura Project (Channel 31) and Election 2007: Countdown to a Letdown.

In 2010, Saraj made the move to the Camera & Electrical department, where she worked in the role of Gaffer on projects such as The Bazura Project (ABC), award-winning films Payload and Blood On The Game Dice, as well as the much anticipated Terry Pratchett film adaptation, Trollbridge.  She also works as a freelancer for various in-house productions for networks such as Channel 10 Melbourne.

Saraj now juggles her work as a Gaffer with her studies in Geoscience (otherwise known as Earth Sciences) at Monash University (and other far flung places like the Nullarbor).

A documentary about the extraordinary life of Franz Stampfl – Austrian Art student turned greatest Athletics Coach of the 20th Century and the man who trained Roger Bannister to break the 4 Minute Mile